My name is Alin Voiculescu.
I am a web programmer and occasional artist.

I am currently 33 years old, born in the city of Brasov, Romania and currently living somewhere near the city in a much quieter place ;)

I am known on the Internet as Wavetrex Infinity, having used this nickname on many major social and business networking sites. Here's a list of links that are relevant to me:

Note: Information on several of those is not currently updated!

Work and hobbies

I spend most of my time in front of the computer, either programming, designing something, or trying some new effects in a graphics program or music software, playing a game or maybe just spending time on the Internet

Read more information in the about me page.

This website

The current website was created during this year (2012), when I restarted freelancing work after having to give up on the full-time job I had up to last year, due to moving out the city into a village (where it's very nice, however difficult to reach a city-bound job from here).

Some pages are not yet filled with information, but during free time I fill more information, to give you, the visitor, and idea of who you will be working with (hopefully) :)

Thank you for visiting and enjoy reading on !